an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taiwan trip 03-09JUL 2013 Part 2

Taiwan trip 03-09JUL 2013 Part 2

Day 3:

It's time to check out.... and head to Taichungggg.....
No breakfast included for this nightstay....
So we went out to grab some breads...

 photo SAM_6798_zps4096628e.jpg
Say Bye Bye to Minimi Inn

From the minimi inn, just have to walk across the road a little, there's actually a bus which will head to the Gao Hsiung's HSR but will take nearly 3hrs?
So, a driver approached us if we wanna catch his ride which will take only about 1n half hr?
If i'm not wrong, it costs about NT300 per pax or lesser?

So we finally reach the HSR, so we quickly get the tickets to Taichung which cost NT790 per pax, about sgd $34...
We spent quite some $$$ on travelling for this taiwan trip.... But well well... we enjoyed it, that's the most important thing....

 photo hsrtaichung_zps804530ce.jpg

So this time round, we DIE DIE must EAT the BENTO LUNCH in their HSR!

 photo 20130705_112138_zpse9e96628.jpg
However, we still bought some food, in case we dont get to eat any again in the train....

 photo 20130705_112129_zps1bf3c180.jpg
yummy yummy soupyyy...

 photo 20130705_114957_zps421bef20.jpg

 photo 20130705_115352_zps23b313c5.jpg
This is the CHICKY bento lunch...

 photo 20130705_115014_zps53d9b7fe.jpg

 photo 20130705_115159_zps18965127.jpg
This is the PORKY BENTO, i personally like this porky meal... its pretty tender....
The side dishes were pretty delicious too....

 photo 20130705_115606_zps440ee305.jpg
Regardless of the soupy and snack... we managed to finished up the 2 bento lunch!
Cos its yummy yummy yummy!!!

So we finally reached Taichung station about 45 to an hr roughly....
We have also engaged a driver for 2 1/2 days for taichung trip.

You can add him in FB, 劉基洪 
1 day tour is NT3000.
The last half day, he'll drive us up to taipei and cost only NT2000.
So in all, the 2 1/2 days cost NT8000, which is about SGD 350, per pax about sgd 87.5, for all travelling all for the travelling neh..

And i tell you... all the attractions were pretty pretty far from one another.....

A pretty nice guy...

So, he brought us to RAINBOW VILLAGE first, no entrance fee....
Its pretty near the HSR, around 15-30mins trip bah, if i'm not wrong....

But the weather was so freaking hot... we just took some photos and offff we gooo....

 photo SAM_6802_zps2853e8d9.jpg
The security guard there was pretty friendly and insist on helping us to take a grp pic while our driver went to park his vehicle.

 photo 20130705_123117_zps487a8c2e.jpg

 photo 20130705_123137_zpsdafa6976.jpg

 photo 20130705_123301_zps177ff09a.jpg

 photo 20130705_123311_zps1ac7e2be.jpg
We saw a few wedding couple having their photo shoot over there...
But seriously.... its so so so freaking hot like MAD!!!

 photo 20130705_123357_zps287d7d8c.jpg
Who is this Lao Ye ye~!

 photo 20130705_123417_zps5aba8836.jpg

 photo 20130705_123529_zpsd13fc86b.jpg
blends in pretty wellll...

So, next we decided to go to Monster Village....
Of cos, before the trip... i have researched some places to visit....
And so, in my blog... i'll feedback on the various places that i've been to, so that probably when u are planning your itinerary, you might wanna skip it or add them into it.

Monster Village was pretty far from rainbow village, it was about 1 to 2 hrs drive....
When we reached there, it started to drizzle a litttllleee.... oh noooo... whyyyyyy......

 photo 20130705_135652_zps47f20532.jpg

 photo 20130705_135657_zps92252971.jpg
Hubby wanna try their taiwan beerrr....
They have a monster logo on it.... Soooo Cuteee~!!!

 photo 20130705_135750_zpse848fedf.jpg

 photo 20130705_135828_zps1987292d.jpg
Watch out, YOU!!!

 photo 20130705_140018_zps21c02e53.jpg
So cute, really thought of buying this back.... but hmmm...
abit lame though...
And hubby kept warning me not to add on more things to the HOUSE!!! :(:(:(

 photo 20130705_140348_zps056699c5.jpg
Let's send our letter to the Monster world.

 photo 20130705_140847_zps91936e44.jpg

 photo 20130705_141056_zps7bcd15c3.jpg

 photo 20130705_141404_zps81d8a17b.jpg
Pumpkin carriage...

 photo 20130705_141523_zps498b3cff.jpg

 photo 20130705_142235_zps997af088.jpg
3 little pigs loghouse...

 photo 20130705_142438_zps0c5c4ddb.jpg

 photo 20130705_143507_zps676cb210.jpg
steamed bamboo rice

 photo 20130705_144416_zpsc371deae.jpg

 photo 20130705_144533_zps59a8319c.jpg
pretty cool.... taste so so.... just like some glutinous rice... not very tasty though..
But can just try since u are there....

 photo 20130705_143829_zpsd81cb51c.jpg
Yam Icecream...
Not much taste of the yam...
Can forget about buying this... hah..

 photo 20130705_143852_zps409a356a.jpg

 photo 20130705_143928_zps7d0884a0.jpg
But its cute though... haha :)

 photo 20130705_144847_zps15e360bc.jpg
Time for some souveneirss...

 photo 20130705_145045_zpsbf5213e3.jpg
Are you looking for me?

 photo SAM_6812_zps6551a815.jpg

 photo SAM_6811_zpsd58f3859.jpg

 photo SAM_6826_zps5422f873.jpg

 photo SAM_6827_zps1091bf85.jpg
ghostyy train...

 photo SAM_6829_zps48bc492a.jpg

 photo SAM_6833_zps4b9ee506.jpg

 photo SAM_6830_zpsd1443fad.jpg
Can you spot me?

 photo SAM_6834_zpsbdde911d.jpg
Face painting... isnt it cool???

Overall for Monster village, i'll rate a 7.5/10.

You can do some souveneirs shopping for your friends. You can take some cute pics over there.
There's some cafes and restaurent too.
They actually have a famous bread shop there, but the queue was pretty long, so we have decided not to buy any then.

Cos it was raining super heavily.... :(:(:(
We have no where to go, but to just have our dinner and head back to our hotel....

And cos, hubby and the rest of them wanna have beefyyy noodles... so well... shall grant their wish lo...
go eat go eat looo...
outcast me....

 photo 20130705_170333_zps421abda4.jpg

 photo 20130705_170344_zps5c4230b9.jpg

 photo 20130705_170614_zps73e16fcd.jpg
Cold Tofu with century egg and floss... yummy.. i like...

 photo 20130705_171102_zps93722c48.jpg
My dunno dunno what vege with minced pork .... like mee hoon kuay...
taste quite not bad.

 photo 20130705_170852_zpsa31a6612.jpg
My hubby's Beef noodle soup..
He said its nice, especially when he seldom get to eat beef when he's with me...

After dinner, we went to nearby supermarket to get some snack and drinks incase we might be hungry at night!!!
So, off we went to the hotel....

It was a super duper faraway ulus place....where our driver have also never even went up there before...
So we were teasing him... becos of me... you get to know this place!!!

I found this place went i was googling and saw a blogger who recommended this... with very nice pictures...
But never would i know that its super duper really far.....

There's some plus point and minus point about this hotel night stay....
+points - its really very nice and comfy...
            - its nice for a couple nightstay, there's a big bathtub... u can do your own hotspring....
            - not very expensive for such big rooms

-points - its pretty far, definitely need a driver
            - far from the city... no shops around, have to buy some stuffs before hand....
            - breakfast included... but it was in the fridge!!! its cold bread with some jams and butter... there's                    little toaster there for you to use too.

Happiness Town B&B
No. 100 Hu Men Alley, Cingjing, Nantou, Taiwan
$82.74 per night

 photo hapinnesstownbampb_zpsceb22094.jpg

 photo 20130705_190442_zpsb58c6103.jpg
Pretty nice and cosy isn't it....

 photo 20130705_190450_zpsbfc86937.jpg

 photo 20130705_190454_zpsd751cc34.jpg

 photo 20130705_190512_zpsfbb0c692.jpg

 photo 20130705_190657_zps75e3f82e.jpg

 photo 20130705_190715_zpsfa70d851.jpg

 photo 20130705_190721_zpsfe07277c.jpg

 photo 20130705_190733_zps38bdfe62.jpg
This is the hotspring that i mentioned... looks alittle old... but works pretty fine....
quite shioks...

 photo SAM_6840_zpse6002f14.jpg

 photo 20130705_190744_zps39696bfd.jpg

 photo 20130705_190845_zpsf97a52b6.jpg
There's a little swing too~

 photo 20130705_190913_zps8a7e8885.jpg

 photo 20130705_190752_zps88ec7695.jpg
The big bathtub....

 photo 20130705_215118_zps785a5e16.jpg
Taiwan Beer for tonight~!

Day 4

So, the next day, i'm all prepared already, so I decided to go out for a short walk and take some pics.... while waiting for all the slow pokeyss..

 photo 20130706_080019_zps58a1552f.jpg

 photo 20130706_080148_zps50496b89.jpg

 photo 20130706_080208_zpsebd6a6a4.jpg

 photo 20130706_080213_zpscb232b03.jpg

 photo 20130706_080231_zps00ec2ca6.jpg

 photo 20130706_080323_zpsb7befac8.jpg
There's a swing! but looked rather old and a little rusty....

 photo 20130706_080341_zps00472f87.jpg
santa claus? lol..

 photo 20130706_080738_zpsfb257835.jpg
FRESH AIR... is all i need for now!!!

 photo 20130706_080806_zps3ae06680.jpg

 photo 20130706_081117_zps02203a33.jpg
Fresh morning, nice view, cooling weather... cos its high up at the mountain....

 photo 20130706_084711_zps5d064268.jpg

ok, they are finally all ready to move off to our next destination!

But before that, let's take some pictures....

 photo 20130706_085023_2_zps4ea44a57.jpg
Jump shots!
Rayne & Steven

 photo 20130706_085136_4_zps9f0440ab.jpg
Oops... i cant jump high la...

 photo 20130706_085317_6_zps477e0486.jpg

Let's Go~!

CingJing farm to see MEH MEH MEH MEH~!!!!

 photo 20130706_092654_zps3be71df5.jpg

It's NT200 during holidays and weekends, NT160 for weekdays.
If you are a student, bring your student cards!!! It cost only NT120.

Actually you could buy from your hotel place too, they'll sell at a cheaper rate, maybe NT180?

Anyway, there's only performance during saturdays...
So if u wanna see they removing sheeps' wool, playing with them, blah blah...
Make your cingjing stay during fri or sat.

 photo 20130706_092859_zpse72a349a.jpg
Gotten our tickets!

 photo 20130706_093047_zpsf2b8c099.jpg
And our chop chop chop...
We realised that, in taiwan... many places esp... attractions... they will have their own logo kinda stamp...

Some locals have some kinda of mini books, and they stamped in the books as a record that they have visited these places... pretty cool! Nice.

 photo 20130706_093041_zps96368780.jpg
Meh Meh dustbin

 photo 20130706_093058_zps53eedf6e.jpg
Blue blue sky green green grass...
Tt's what i've been looking for...

I wanna go New zealand next!!!!

 photo 20130706_093348_zps2cbad75c.jpg
Meh meh 来了

 photo 20130706_093416_zps2e2c14fc.jpg

 photo SAM_6867_zps3e4bbafe.jpg

 photo SAM_6870_zps155f8536.jpg

 photo SAM_6875_zpsc515768c.jpg
The performance started~

 photo SAM_6871_zps610415e6.jpg

 photo 20130706_100039_zps415a9a16.jpg
so many ppl arhhhhh

 photo 20130706_100241_zps7911914d.jpg
performances ended.... time for phototaking...

 photo 20130706_100952_zps0111498e.jpg

 photo 20130706_101603_zps63a2ef2a.jpg

 photo 20130706_101939_zps1e29cdcc.jpg
That's my hubby~

 photo 20130706_102009_zps1c70d7de.jpg

 photo SAM_6899_zps6fce596b.jpg
Titanic pose 来一下

Heard that the honey over here tasted not bad... so i've bought a few bottles back...

 photo 20130706_104256_zps4519c3de.jpg

 photo 20130706_104307_zpsf05af7d0.jpg

 photo 20130706_110422_zps64f861ff.jpg

 photo SAM_6911_zps911164c4.jpg
Here comes the HONEY~!!

 photo SAM_6912_zps617c04bc.jpg

 photo 20130706_110023_zps450d3408.jpg
I bought it back~!

Overall for Cingjing Farm: 8.5/10
Cos i get to see the MehMeh...
And its cooling.... very nice sceneries... fresh air....
I like... i like it pretty much....
Would be better if the weather is coolerr....
Wouldn't mind relaxing there for half my day......

oki... hungry hungry liao.... let's grab some FOOOODDDD~!!!
 photo 20130706_110713_zps6ad095a9.jpg
Big sausage bao small sausage? haha

 photo 20130706_110737_zpsbf08ed84.jpg

 photo 20130706_110816_zpsebbeda98.jpg

 photo 20130706_110859_zps4fb407e3.jpg
Yummy... with SWEET CORN....
taste not bad... can try doing it urself... just cut open the sausage and put some mayo with corn...

Next stop: 18Degree chocolate room..

Initially we thought we can go in the 18degree room to make or watch them doing the chocolate...
But NONONO....
just go into the cafe to buy chocolates.. and they are not cheap...

 photo 20130706_120746_zpsb6e07017.jpg

 photo 20130706_120811_zps67d2cb24.jpg

 photo 20130706_121012_zps88002c31.jpg

 photo 20130706_121146_zps84ce1e5a.jpg
Hmmm, but they tasted not bad la...
but stilll... dont need waste your time to come here...
nothing much... just go buy royce chocolate can liao..

 photo 20130706_121356_zps9330cfa5.jpg
stamp stamp again~

 photo 20130706_122116_zps23e2524e.jpg

 photo 20130706_122025_zps4db3a012.jpg
Were so hungry... and we saw this cute bear bear store...
BEAR cake!

 photo 20130706_122543_zpsd57b6ae1.jpg
so cute... i like cute cute stuffs...
They just make me happy...

 photo 20130706_122602_zps8a67791f.jpg

ok, finallly going to Sun Moon Lake, cos it rains yesterday and we couldnt go...

 photo 20130706_130644_zps6fb1e031.jpg
300NT per pax...

 photo 20130706_130659_zpsb46f0c31.jpg

 photo 20130706_130735_zps0656cba7.jpg
There's just 2 stops.
First stop to eat Tea leaf eggs... which cost only 10NT, about sgd40cent?
And to take photos and to the temple...

Second stop just slacking around and makan makan....

Taking the ferry, you wont be able to tell the lake looks like a SUN or a MOON?
Probably, you got to take a helicopter, high up there... then u can tell bah...
Basically, sun moon lake is just a place to eat.... and take pic with tt STONE "sunmoonlake"
Hmmm, u might wanna skip this attraction too? hah....

 photo 20130706_130606_zpsda9cc93e.jpg
In the Ferrryyyyy~

 photo 20130706_131002_zps74d21a9e.jpg

 photo 20130706_132432_zps0c1527dd.jpg
This is the tea leaf egggyyyy
My hubby ate 4 to 5... i think he's really hungry...
Taste not bad... probably maybe we are too hungry... hahaha

 photo 20130706_132108_zps7abe5ee5.jpg

 photo 20130706_133815_zps03aeadaa.jpg
This is the stone i was referring toooo.... haha

 photo 20130706_133829_zpse85d37dc.jpg
So of cos must take this since we are here la!

 photo 20130706_134417_zps6bbefa84.jpg

 photo 20130706_134436_zps070f173d.jpg

 photo 20130706_140048_zps75906994.jpg

 photo 20130706_141645_zpsb22a1747.jpg
For me, i think its tasted pretty ok, but my hubby finds it soso....
I'm a peanut lover anyway....

 photo 20130706_142712_zps0a72cbb0.jpg
This meat bao is not bad.... but pretty smallll

 photo 20130706_143134_zpsed779f76.jpg

 photo 20130706_143141_zps776e65c3.jpg
2 big bites and its gone!

 photo 20130706_144634_zps33026337.jpg
Oops.. does the logo looks a bit weird?'
Did not realised until my hubby mentioned it.
See how dirty minded he is!

 photo 20130706_144754_zps74f9d2a8.jpg

Overall rating for sunmoonlake: 5.5/10
Nothing much to view over there....
Not what i have expected.

Next stop: Monceur
You'll have to pay entrance fee of NT200 per pax, and you'll receive NT100 voucher to be spent in there..
And i realised many of their attractions, you do have to pay before going in....
hmmm... why like tttttt.......

 photo 20130706_162746_zps25067400.jpg

 photo 20130706_162809_zps22ce2363.jpg

 photo 20130706_163033_zpsf165138a.jpg

 photo 20130706_162941_zpsfc79ac45.jpg

 photo 20130706_162913_zpsad2a3fed.jpg
I love you and You love me~

 photo 20130706_163159_zps4d200962.jpg
That's my cute hubby.... always so mischievous...
But tt's what i like... haha...

 photo 20130706_163309_zps66aaec91.jpg
a little map of the place

 photo 20130706_163415_zps16e733ed.jpg

 photo 20130706_171830_zps0e077ca6.jpg

 photo 20130706_164012_zps5c840b32.jpg
wishing spoonnnss??

 photo 20130706_163519_zps3caf0a69.jpg
The couples

 photo 20130706_163611_zps83faf658.jpg

 photo 20130706_164039_zps22920e86.jpg
Cute pretty pinky van...

 photo 20130706_164244_zps482bd5cf.jpg
to spend our NT100 here..

 photo 20130706_164643_zps7a3d2a6a.jpg

 photo 20130706_164741_zpsf734913c.jpg

 photo 20130706_164853_zps1e968fea.jpg
Cute ice cream cup~

 photo 20130706_164956_zps7fc6e0ac.jpg

 photo 20130706_170821_zps88c854a7.jpg
I love you~

 photo 20130706_170752_zps7773f477.jpg
do you like present? kisses? of flowers?
I like them ALL~!

 photo 20130706_170939_zps6f758cfb.jpg

 photo 20130706_171142_zpsd39913b2.jpg
Look who's hiding there again~~!!!

 photo 20130706_171514_zpsf3d9f7de.jpg

 photo 20130706_171630_zpse4ba7eb7.jpg
I love this pic~
That moment.

Not long after, it rained HEAVILY again~~!!!!
ARGHHHHH..... cannot go anywhere liao lo....
Have to head back to hotel, then just shop Fengjia night market....
But our driver promised to bring us to the rest of the places that we quoted for the next day before heading back to taipei :):) yipeee....

So our hotel night stay in Taichung should be as shown below.
However, becos the booking couldnt be made for 4 ppl, so i actually made 2 bookings under my name.
One right after another. And so, the boss thought it was a duplicate and did not email me to check. And that night they only left with one room.

Fashion Home 26
No.26, Lane 162 Wenhua Road, Taichung, Taiwan
$65.81 per night

 photo taichungstay_zps455c45d4.jpg

 photo 20130706_190234_zpsd9af9a1f.jpg

 photo 20130706_183802_zpsb5eeb8a3.jpg
This is the room, and the toilet is not connected to the room.... hmmmm.....

So in the end, the boss quickly went to his other outlet to check if there's room available..
And so we ended up staying here...
Which is supposed to be slightly more ex... i guessed cos its more convenient?
Its just right at the street of Feng Jia night market...
And having toilets in the room.. Yipee!!! 赚到了!

 photo SAM_6962_zps76a05af2.jpg

 photo 20130706_191352_zps9e29d057.jpg

 photo 20130706_191359_zpsd452d408.jpg

 photo 20130706_191405_zpsc87d73c6.jpg

 photo 20130706_200400_zps67e223d3.jpg
Room full of clothesssss......
Someone busy washing and drying his clothes~!!!

Time to MAKAN!!!
Chiong ar!!!!!

 photo SAM_6963_zps0d2c065a.jpg

 photo 20130706_201916_zps7fdc6462.jpg

 photo 20130706_203101_zps50d30c08.jpg
Porky box.....

 photo 20130706_203105_zpsfde2f38a.jpg

 photo 20130706_204257_zpsf946dcb1.jpg
mine's bacon and cheesee....
yummy yummy

 photo SAM_6969_zps1dd4dff8.jpg

 photo 20130706_202428_zps6b0efca0.jpg
This is a die die must eat la

 photo 20130706_203421_zpsceda3af7.jpg
so so yummilicious....
while its HOT HOT HOT

 photo SAM_6967_zps84bd8bc7.jpg
dont disturb me pls.... i'm enjoying my food.

 photo 20130706_225137_zps4148f71f.jpg
time for some dessert..

 photo 20130706_213545_zpsb8c5ced0.jpg
some gifts for friends...

 photo 20130706_213548_zpsb61cfaeb.jpg

 photo SAM_6974_zps7720e0a2.jpg
Snow white~
or maybe i look more like the dwarf.... lol..

 photo 20130706_204715_zps468bf6c7.jpg
Meat ball soup~

 photo SAM_6972_zpse6948926.jpg

 photo 20130706_205553_zps172cd8d7.jpg
braised meat rice and meatball soup... yummy~

 photo 20130706_210150_zpsddc8ac5e.jpg
fried oyster omelette.. actually i still prefer singapore;s way of cooking...
I'm a oyster lover too.

 photo 20130706_231615_zps40998b94.jpg
Oops; what this....
Dont seem that popular anymore...
and its at a slightly ulu street...

 photo 20130706_231755_zps656f5cd4.jpg

 photo 20130706_231814_zps2bb63b62.jpg
oops.. thai sauce...

 photo 20130706_231836_zpsa877d2ef.jpg
thai sauce combi was a little weird.... took 2 bites only......

 photo 20130706_225504_zps4da5755f.jpg
I realised the dogs there were groomed these ways over there... pretty cute hahahahaa...

 photo 20130706_215327_zpsc0f0c8aa.jpg
my new cap... cost about sgd 21.....
only decided to buy before going back to hotel...
cos i dun wanna miss any caps anymore....

previously i saw a kitty cap... and i did not buy... and when i went back.. the stall closed alreadyyyyy....

Its black squarish top cap.. with a pink ribbon beside... selling at kending night market...
if any of u see it.... help me buy :(

 photo 20130706_210823_zps290ee338.jpg
Saw this pretty cute paw bun... but long queue... so we did not buy

 photo 20130706_210953_zpsc690e0e7.jpg
Butter beer??? sounds alittle disgusting....

 photo 20130706_211312_zps33e8f680.jpg
Grill beeeefff... looks good...

 photo 20130706_211326_zps5d91d177.jpg

 photo 20130706_211837_zps50203a89.jpg
Hubby said its quite yummy....

 photo 20130707_000329_zps41696e81.jpg
Loots of the day...
And i really didnt spent more on shopping in my taiwan trip..
Amazing isnt it....

 photo SAM_6975_zpsd6871e8f.jpg
My hubbyyyyy and his new top~

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Taiwan trip 03-09JUL 2013 Part 3

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