Friday, November 03, 2017

HopHeads Craft Beer Bar & Bistro

Address: 178 Clemenceau Ave Haw Park Glass Tower B1-00, 239926
Opening hours: Mon to Thurs 11.30am to 11.45pm,
Fri 11.30am to 2am, Sat 5pm to 1am. Closed on Sun.
Contact no: +65 6904 4019

For more info:

Finally met up my Poly Year 1 gang after like 8 to 9 years?!
One of them suggested Hopheads.
So I went to check and thought the place and menu looks not bad, so why not right?

Underground bar. How cool right? Is it a hidden gem? Let's find out!

The place is so spacious!

Free games~
But you have to queue for your turn of course...

Seemed like the night is still young...

Having some Chinese fonts to make it less mainstream?

请不要整天花天酒地! 哇哈哈!

ok, enough said.
Time for FOOD!
We are HUNGRY already!

Drumlets @ $12.90
Peppery Fried Drumlets
Crispy outside and tender inside.
Usually Fried Chicken can't really go wrong when they are served hot right?
In addition, when you are hungry, it just makes the food even tastier.
No "WOW" factor though and doesn't taste peppery too as mention in its name.

Onion Rings @ $7.90
Good to have when all your friends have not reach yet.
But without it, you are not missing out either.

Soft Shell Crab Burger @ $17.90
Deep fried soft shell crab with kaffir lime mayo, pickles. Served with Fries.

I think it will do more justice to look at the photo below instead.
Look at the soft shell crab sitting nicely above the pasta!
But for people who prefer burger and fries, go for this of course. 
There's actually a runny side up underneath the soft shell crab, but wasn't captured in the photo.
Overall combination was not bad. But then again, a big sized burger like this, I will eat it separately, defeats the purpose of having a burger. So, I would prefer to have the pasta instead!

Soft Shell Crab Pasta @ $16.90
Pasta with béchamel sauce, topped with a tempura soft shell crab.

Just look at the evenly fried GOLDEN BROWN Soft Shell Crab!
Please have them while it's still hot. It was crispy and savory.
Suggest to share the pasta with your friends because I felt having the big crab with the béchamel sauce pasta can get a little gelat after a while.

See how big the crab is?
Selling at an affordable price. Thumbs up!
Salted Egg Yolk Pasta @ $16.90
Deep fried breaded tiger prawns topped on signature creamy salted egg yolk sauce with curry leaves and chilli
The salted egg sauce was not bad. But again, I suggest to share with your friends.
Got gelat after a while.


Sambal Chicken Pizza @ $19.90
Grandma's prawn paste sambal with chicken, onions, black olives and mozzarella.
The pizza was just alright. Should have ordered the smoked salmon pizza instead, looks more mouth watering than this. Not much sambal taste too. Meh.

Waffle Burger @ $18.90
Southern Fried Chicken thigh topped with sunny side up and maple syrup. Served with fries.

 The portion was really huge. My guy friend ordered this and couldn't finish it.
The waffles were crispy outside and chewy in the middle. Not bad.
I would suggest them to have some salad or coleslaw as side dish instead. This is too heavy.
Too much carbo!

When will our next meet up be? Whose wedding next?
I do miss the times when we hangout in the past. They are a bunch of funny dudes.
Just sitting there listening to their conversation already would be make your day.
That's how lame and kiddish (sounds nicer than childish) they are.

All in all, my experience there was good and bad?
It gets rather noisy once the crowd came. Unfortunately, next to us was a group of working Uncles who talk super loud, even banging tables. It was a little difficult for to have our conversation.
Customer service wise, they are quite nice. One of them even lend me her Samsung cable to charge my phone. However, the service was rather slow too.
Food wise was not bad and selling at an affordable price.
So, I would rate it a 7/10.

Thanks for reading.
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