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Chong Wen Ge Café + My Awesome Café + Senate Coffee

It's café hopping time again!! Enjoying a little of my life while Le Hubby is not in town.

Chong Wen Ge Café
Address: 168 Telok Ayer St, S'pore 068619
Opening hours: Mon to Fri 10am to 8pm, Sat and Sun 9am to 8pm
Contact: +65 8688 3028

For more info:


Top from Zalora~

 You may alight at Telok Ayer MRT station too, it will be even nearer, but we are too lazy to change two MRT lines~ and so we decided to walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT.

*Warning: lotsa photos below, because the place is simply too instagram-worthy~
A place where you can have your photoshoot, blogshop shoots, whatever lah~ all kinds of shoots. haha

I super love old school and vintage stuff~

love the tables~

Gwen's dressing totally matches the layout there~

Oh, this also allows me to introduce our new friend here, Gwen~ The Café Guru~

Looks like some local drama's photo cover~

Super love this picture taken by me~

Pretty tiles~


The (hefty) price list~ if you are interested in buying them~

Got teacher feel not~

Nonya set lunch $11

Assort set of 5 Nonya Kuehs with 2 cups of local coffee/tea

Here comes our Kuehs~
I love the Kueh Dadar, the inside was juicy~
As for the rest of the Kuehs, they were soso.
Ondeh ondeh outer skin was a little thick. But the gula melaka did ooze out after biting la, that's the least it should do. haha!~

Otah $1.50

Otah was not bad, a little spicy, but too bad it was a little on the dry and hard side.

Nonya Otah Loti $4.80
Toasted traditional white crustless bread, tomatoes, cheese, romaine lettuce and grilled mackerel otah

We saw someone next to us ordered this, and we thought it looks quite cool eh.
So we ordered one too. Something different from the usual sandwich we eat normally.
It is sandwich with Otah~And the bread they use are so old school. Brought back so much memories.
But I find the whole sandwich was a little dry, probably would be better with some sauce.~

Nonya Laksa $10.80

Springy rice noodles, beansprouts, tiger prawns, clams, beancurd puffs, and fishcakes served in mildly spiced coconut soup, topped with fresh chopped laksa leaves.

Not too spicy, just nice for me. Coconut taste was a little strong. The laksa sauce was quite thick. Very generous with their ingredients but with the price that I'm paying, I'm expecting no less lah. Prawns are quite big too~

Next to the restaurant, there's a shop selling all sorts of musical box from less than $100 to a few thousands~

The happy buyer~

So, old school right?! I bet everyone use to own this some part of their teenage years when they were young!

Before we left, the salesperson show us this really cute and pretty musical box where the little bird sings~

All in all, I really love this place. Very oriental, old school. I love the settings and layouts. It's a instagram, snapchat, facebook, photo-taking worthy place~
As for the food wise, it was not very fantastic, but also not too bad of course~
Would rate a 7/10.
Next stop: My Awesome café which was just a minute of walk away? Haha, let's go!

My Awesome Café
Address: 202 Telok Ayer St, S'pore 068639
Opening hours: 9.30am to 12am
Contact: +65 6222 2007

For more info:

Many of my overseas friends thought this was some medical hall~

Free flow of water~ from ah gong!

We all loved the interior design too~

Because we were too full from previous hop...
3 of us just ordered a drink~

Green Tea Ice Cream & Chamomile Lavender Tea $6

Initially, we were actually expecting like a float, with the tea below and ice cream on top of it.
So, we were a little surprised to see this combi.

So we were expected to pour the hot tea over the ice cream.

hmmm, quite unique and creative~
Taste was rather special too. But once is enough~ Lol.

Saw the menu, selling mostly healthy salads and sandwiches. So, probably for those health conscious consumers, do drop by~
Nice ambience. Service lady was showing a little attitude though, maybe it's because we only ordered a drink? Haha, but the place wasn't crowded during weekend lunch time, so can entertain us a bit la hor~
Overall, rating 7/10
Next stop, Senate Coffee... For our "ninja bowl"~
Continue to walk to our destination! Burn those fats, so that we can have our Rice bowl later!

Senate Coffee
Address: Five Square #01-03 Great Eastern Centre, 1 Pickering St, 048659
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 8am to 8.30pm
Sat 9.30am to 3pm
Closed on Sunday

 For more info:

It is situated in Five Square Food court~

They carry drinks too!~

There is bowls which are ready-made too, or you may customize your own bowl!

We need to make our purchases via this machine here. And they will send the orders to the kitchen.

Customised bowl for $15.50 + $2.50 drink for its combo set

It was really yummy! Every ingredient was marinated so well.
The whole bowl was very flavorful.

The strawberry green and lychee oolong tea drinks were nice too~

Its way better than Ninja bowl. Sorry but not sorry~

Overall rating: 8/10

That's all for cafehopping today!

Feel free to let me know where I should HOP to next!

Thanks for reading.
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