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Paddy Hills

Paddy Hills

Address: 38 South Buona Vista Rd, Spore 118164
Contact: +65 6479 0800
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 10.30am to 5pm, 6pm to 9.30pm
Sat and Sun 9am to 5pm, 6pm to 9.30pm

For more updated information:

If were to travel there by Public Transport, simply take the Circle Line to Haw Par Villa station. Either walk a 15 mins route or take Bus 200 for 3 stops.

Tada, the bus will drop us at the bus stop directly opposite the café.

Was deciding whether we should head to Curious Palette or Paddy Hills.
But Paddy Hills seems to have better review... and so Paddy Hills it is!

Pretty nice ambience for a nice catch up with my AJALYA....
Our quarterly affair...
Got rustic feel... I like :)

Guessed what!
Actually I came all the way here for their HIGHLY RAVED PANCAKESSSSS!
But I just found out that they only serve those during LUNCHTIME!

And we only got informed that if we want to have the Pancakes for dinner, we will need to make advance order. That's WHY I SAID HIGHLY RAVED! NOW YOU BELIEVE ME OR NOT!

Anyway, their Menu quite limited eh.
I saw their Menu previously got more varieties eh. Why like that?!

There's only 3 mains and 1 of them is beef which I don't take.
So in the end, we ordered 2 mains, 3 small plates and a dessert.

Christmas gifts from Limin and Audrey...
Oops, did not prepare any... But well... My presence is everyone's present! wahhaahhha

Group pic before the food

Salmon Tartar $24
(Salmon skin, Ikura, Dill oil & Yuzu ice)

Initially, I was really doubtful of the dish. But it turns out to be so much better than I expected. 
I feel that this is really a MUST-TRY dish!
It's so refreshing. The Salmon taste goes well with the Yuzu ice!
It's a good match.

Squid ink Tagliatelle $29
(Fresh pasta, Scallop, Ikuro, Tobiko & Mentaiko)

To me personally, Squid Ink Pasta is only unique because of its colour which makes it so Instagram-worthy. 
Doesn't really give me a "WOW" factor.

I told ya it's Instagram worthy... lol...
Halloween please... wahhahahah

Look at my crooked teeth... wahhahhahah

Spanish Octopus $28
(Tofu emulsion, Smoked egg, Ikura & Chamame)

When the Menu states small plate/portion... they are really not joking on the servings. 
Octopus is chewy. Chamame, which is a kind of Edamame, tastes good.
But.... serving was too littleeeeeee...
Already in our mind, we were like thinking that we might need to look for some café or kopitiam for prata liao...

Roasted Chicken $22
(Romesco, Pumpkin & Roasted grapes)

Chicken was tender. I preferred the Chilli sauce than the Romesco sauce. And I didn't know the Roasted Grapes would have such a pretty interesting taste. 
But then again... $22 for only 5 pieces of chicken...

Paella $29
(Clams, Unagi, Scallop & Prawn)

We assumed that the Paella was gonna be quite a big serving. But in the end... we all only had a mouthful each... Wahahhaha..

The fishy seafood note was a little strong for us.

Yakitori (pork belly)
fatty fatty... but I like it... waahhhha

Yakitori (Mushroom)

A little too dry and bland.

Yakitori (Salmon belly)
 This was YUMS. Real YUMS!
Not sure what were those on top... crunchy crunchy one.
The salmon belly was so smooth, it melts in your mouth kind, no joke.

Texture of Fruits $25
(Vanilla yoghurt, , Freeze dried fruits, Yuzu gel, , Mango gel, Seasonal fruits, Strawberry chips and Raspberry dust)

Pretty interesting combination. Not too sweet, not too gelat.
But still... where is my PANCAKE!

 Luckily, we got a birthday cake too. wahhaha.
Post bday celebration for Audrey!

Purposely bought a smaller one, thinking that we gonna be too full by then.
But... oh well.

Yang Rui. Apple. Audrey. Limin. Jeslyn. Annie.
(Single, Married, Married, Single, Attached, Married)

I'm awaiting for Phuket wedding, please make that happen soon.

Our next gathering will most probably be in March. So.... till then!

Overall, I felt the food, ambience and customer service was good. However, it's a little pricey and not much variety in the menu. Would rate it a 7/10.
I might come again for its HIGHLY RAVED PANCAKE!

Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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