an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Friday, February 13, 2015

Pioneer Junction Zi Char

Pioneer Junction Zi Char (Sing Yi Seafood garden)

Kim San Leng Coffee shop at Pioneer Junction
Boon Lay Way, Spore 627606

Opening hours: Noon to 11pm

My colleague brought me here for lunch, and I find their food were pretty "YUMS"!!
And some of the must try dishes are: Hor fun and Steamed fish!

 photo 20140815_115641_zps574823aa.jpg

 photo 20140815_120603_zpsf84f6987.jpg

 photo 20140815_121352_zps1fdea2ca.jpg
There were 4 of us, and we finished it all!

 photo 20140815_120853_zps902b1aa4.jpg
Their signature hor fun. Its different from the usual hor fun that we eat outside
Its coated with flour and deep fried, then with the hor fun sauce.

This is a must try dish... something different.

 photo 20140815_120917_zps312709e3.jpg

 photo 20140815_121110_zps27ace29d.jpg
The colleague likes tau geh....
Nothing special, just for her cravings... :)

 photo 20140815_121256_zps4a073075.jpg
Xia jiang ji (Deep fried chicken wing with prawn paste)

I wouldn't say this is a must eat food, but it was pretty good too, crispy at the outside, smooth and juicy inside.

 photo 20140815_121345_zps3301943a.jpg
Steamed fish with some crispy beans

Photo a bit blur.... too hungry liao!

The fish was smooth and soft, and to have it with the crispy beans was just so awesome!
And the gravy tasted just right too.

All these cost about $90. Hmmmm seems a little pricey for Zi char hor...
But Yummy food eh... I will go back again if someone drives me there... haha! :)

That's all for today. Thanks for viewing!

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