an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Monday, October 28, 2013

Guo da Li 过大礼 & An chuang 安床

Guo da Li过大礼& An chuang安床

As usual, we have chosen the dates ourselves..... but we did still look at those chinese calender apps for a better day and timing.

An chuang 安床
We have chosen to have it on the 1st of September, Sunday.
My parents, bro and cute cute nephew came over to assist.
My parents were doing this for the first time.... So funny. My mother kept saying aiyo... i dont know i dont know how to put.... Another good life lady... dont need do housework...

So according to the lady of the shop i went to bought my stuffs, she was saying to prepare a red plate, putting a Fa gao 发糕 , some longans 龙眼, lotus seed? 莲子 and 2 oranges. Prepare also 4 red packets, putting two $1 coin in each packets. While doing the bed, slot in the ang baos beneath the mattress.

 photo IMG_7557_zps95c9d4b2.jpg
tt's my cute cute mama.... who always worry i got not enough food to eat...

 photo IMG_7559_zpsa7cd06b8.jpg
My cute cute papa... who helped me alot...

 photo IMG_7560_zps229d0622.jpg

 photo IMG_7561_zpsbb71212b.jpg

 photo IMG_7562_zps89105be9.jpg
Tuck it in ....

 photo IMG_7564_zps151ee269.jpg
ok, almost done...

 photo IMG_7565_zps301880e9.jpg
My papa telling my mama... tt side not ok la... buay pass!

 photo IMG_7570_zps3732f389.jpg
so funny... she said she nv done this b4... dunno how to... wahahhahaha

 photo IMG_7574_zps536f04d4.jpg
ok la.. finishing soon!

 photo IMG_7572_zpsdea5708a.jpg
almost done!

 photo IMG_7582_zps3b493f08.jpg
My bro who lost 10kg in Tekong...
And my cute cute nephew Matthias!

 photo IMG_7567_zpsf3357f0a.jpg
My hubbyyyyy...

 photo IMG_7573_zps22c3a941.jpg
He looked stunned?

 photo IMG_7576_zps5b066435.jpg
argh... put me down!

 photo IMG_7578_zps79a7a74c.jpg
So big smile... with deep dimples!

 photo IMG_7579_zps2f45dfd3.jpg
Yeah... sexy baby...

 photo IMG_7580_zps472bfc75.jpg
All done!

Leave the plate there for 1 or 2 days?
You can eat the food if its still not rotten yet? haha...

Guo da Li 过大礼

We did this just a week before our wedding, which is on the 8th of September, Sunday.

As agreed from Groom's family:
- 12 Oranges
- 2 bottles of hard liquor
- 24 cans of pork trotters (actually depending on ur dialect? i saw online its 12? but my ah ma say 24)
- 24 boxes of cakes
- Pin Jin
- some sweet stuffs

 photo 1176106_10151635856027549_1803247440_n_zps8eac0725.jpg
I have gotten my 四点金 from my MIL & FIL.

 photo cakes_zpsdd7035bf.jpg
The Cakes that tt we gotten from Kyo cake shop.

 photo cakes2_zpsc0f85d58.jpg
It tasted not bad... got feel got feel.

 photo 1229984_10151627781532549_2019508236_n_zpsbd1f2b67.jpg
Sesame biscuit!

From Bride's family, we returned:
- 12 oranges
- 12 pork trotters back
- A pair of bedside lamps, sewing kits, towels, pails, etc.
- A tea set for tea ceremony
- 2 bottles of orange juice
- Ang bao for MIL & FIL
- A portion of Pin Jin back to Groom's side

 photo 1231665_10151625485967549_2123289649_n_zps0c7943b1.jpg

 photo 1238121_10151625485512549_1616312499_n_zpsdc2ba274.jpg
My daddy!

Gotten some gifts from Samuel's god sis...
Cute stuffs... Previously, i cant buy hello kitty bed sheet... because someone doesnt allow me... Now that it's from his family side... wahhahaha... lol...

 photo 1174983_10151625356472549_179949211_n_zps6bbeccfc.jpg

Next blog entry will be on my Hens Night! Stay tuned!

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