an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Celebration Part 3 (With colleagues)

Christmas Celebration Part 3 (With colleagues)

Another party at my place~

 photo 20131220_192838.jpg
Christmas gifts all under the tree...~

 photo 20131220_194222.jpg
Becos we are all getting sick of all the christmas food like turkey, potatoes... etc...
We decided to have Steamboat night!

 photo 20131220_194233.jpg

 photo 20131220_201734.jpg
arghh... It's Octopus~
Oh ya, that's Fuiting...

 photo 20131220_200017.jpg
side view~

 photo 20131220_195923.jpg
Top view... lol... ok pretty lame

 photo 20131220_221342.jpg
A mini log cake.... a super belated belated bday for Sabrina~

 photo 20131220_221423.jpg
That's Sabrina with her 睡觉裤.

 photo 20131220_221507.jpg

After which, it was the Christmas exchange gift time...
We pre-picked on who to give who for the Christmas gift.

 photo 20131220_230622.jpg
A gift from Wee wee to Eeling

 photo 20131220_230642.jpg
A gift from Sabrina to Wee Wee

 photo 20131220_230702.jpg
This gift was from Siew chen... but she couldn't come... so... errr TingTing who came last min... shall present the gift to Sabrina..

 photo 20131220_230726.jpg
They both exchanging presents together..
Fuiting and Joanne... the QC team.

 photo 20131220_230814_mr1387763383930.jpg
Eeling to me~

 photo 20131220_230844_mr1387763504417.jpg
Lucky I always have spare presents...
A gift from me to TingTIng...

Of cos... I have passed my gift to Siewchen...
Cos she likes hiking and trekking...
I have gotten her a Nike bottle and a pair of dry fit cushioned Nike socks.

 photo 20131220_230937.jpg
Us! with our gifts~!

Ok, time to reveal them!

 photo 20131220_231207.jpg
Woah woah woah... sexy undiessss....

 photo 20131220_231248.jpg
The cute cute mug~

 photo 20131220_231256.jpg
Travel pack~

 photo 20131220_231345.jpg
Gym ball~!

 photo 20131220_231401.jpg

 photo 20131220_231418.jpg
Travellor's adaptor...

 photo 20131220_231735_mr1387764251369.jpg
this angle makes my legs look long....!

 photo 20131220_231847.jpg
Hot pink water bottle and a luggage tag...

 photo 20131220_231916.jpg

 photo 20131220_232040.jpg

 photo 20131220_232215.jpg
Camwhoring with my phone...
I have to delete them all.... siao char bo!

 photo 20131220_232544.jpg
This box for the mug.... super lol....
From see you one eye, I shit love you... wahhhaHHaHAHHAA

Time for some games...

 photo 20131220_234209.jpg
Red wine from my bro... which I didn't get even a sip of it...
Cos they kept losing la.... I don't have a chance to drink la~

 photo 20131220_234443.jpg
Cheers wee weee

 photo 20131220_233712.jpg
And a bottle of white wine~

So, what are the games we played...

1. I think its called Indiana jones or something..
Everyone picked a card and place on top of ur forehead.
So, you can see everyone's card instead of yours.
Everyone gets a chance to either change a new card or pour more wine for the loser to drink later.
Once all done, reveal the cards... The smallest number will have to finish up the drink!

2. Secret number 终级密码
The game where we always play when we left extra food... loser have to finish it... lol...
So, someone will have to set a number, save it in the phone or somewhere as a evident to proof later.
So the number falls withing 1 to 99.
So, e.g. the number you set is 55. Someone said 50. So they continue, 50 to 99, until someone called for 55.

3. 007, James bond.
Someone have to shout 0 and point to someone, that someone have to shout 0 and point to someone, then he will shout 7 and point to someone, the last person will then shout Piang to someone, the ones beside him will have to raise their hands and shout argh!
Sounds easy eh? Do it fast.... and you'll know... haha...

4. 青蛙跳
This is abit lame... but you might thought its easy in the beginning... It became abit challenging later.
So, first person says 一只青蛙跳, second person says "TOM", like as though the frog jump into the pond making that sound... lol... Then, third person says 两只青蛙跳,4th person says "TOM", 5th person says "TOM",  6th person says 三只青蛙跳, 7th person says "TOM", 8th person says "TOM", 9th person says "TOM".... sounds easy ya.... When it reaches 5 or 6 frog jump... you start to blur....

 photo 20131221_000818.jpg
We ended with Tequila and Margarita~

And well... 2 down.... shall not name who... Whahhahahhaa

That's all for today~

Next blog entry on Christmas celebration last part! with my Precious 姐妹们!

Christmas Celebration Part 4 (With Precious)

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