Sunday, September 17, 2017

Round Taiwan Round - TriPool


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Now, in this special entry right here, I'm gonna let you in on some new and cool travel tips that I recently just came across. On top of all these, there will be giveaways too. 
So did I managed to pique your interest already? 

Read till the end to find out how to win them!!


Have you guys heard of Tripool?

It is a revolutionary way to enable travelers to enjoy the cost-benefit of carpool, meanwhile also having the luxury to customize itineraries for the scenic areas chosen. 
Sounds confusing?
It's pretty much like a shared tour except that you can customise where you want to go or see. 
It is something like UberPool or GrabShare but in a bigger touristy way.
 Pretty cool, isn't it?

Today, I'm honoured to be given the chance to promote Round Taiwan Round which is one of many trusted partners of TriPool.


Round Taiwan Round - Taipei Private Tour
They received Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence for 3 years in a row now. 
Loads of good reviews on Trip Advisor, do go and check them out!

They have handcrafted more than 50,000 customised itineraries for global trotters.
Thus, you don't have to worry too much.
You may also apply for a free quote on their website.
More than 10% of English-speaking visitors have used this site to plan their itineraries.
There's more than 2000 different Taiwan destinations. Your tour guides will also offer to help you take beautiful photos. They are very skilled so you do not have to worry!
And for that, you don't have to carry around a Selfie stick at all!!
Round Taiwan Round focuses on promoting Taiwan travelling experiences the smart and fun way.

They engage with travelers from all around the world to make sure that they get the most out of this wanderlust, experience Taiwan the authentic way.
More than just a licensed travel agency, the online travel platform provides instant quotes, hassle-free reservations, planning services and last but not least their professional tour guides

All that sounds like very attractive, no?
It sounds like a great way to see Taiwan at a different point of view and you get to meet new people who shares the same interest in travelling. That's practically hitting two birds with one stone!
You may click below link to find out more!
NOW, here comes the part that you guys are waiting for!

Giveaway 1 :
Quote "FreshApple
to have 5% discount site wide
(To be used by 15 Dec 2017)
Travel from 15 Sep to 31 Dec 2017

Giveaway 2 :
Post your comments in the comment area of this blog with your name and email address by
 30th Sep 2017, 2359hrs
The lucky winners will be contacted by email.
(Travel period from 15 Sep to 31 Dec 2017)
Double chance of winning when you share it to Facebook and Instagram with
their hashtags - 

Do take note that,
  1. "The minimum participants of this tour are 2 people. If the number of participants doesn’t meet the criteria, your payment will be fully refunded. And the vehicle used will be a 5-seater sedan, 7-seater sedan or 9-seater van, based on the number of participants."

Click link below to find out how you could customize a Jiufen Shared Tour.

Above is an example of the itinerary of the Jiufen tour with 6 tour spots selected.
There's already 15 spots to choose from for Jiufen tour.
You may also choose a Mandarin or English speaking tour.
And also choose your pick-up and drop-off point.

The price is US$30 per pax for Mandarin-speaking guide, but if you choose English-speaking guide, it would be about US$70. 
Nevertheless, they are still much cheaper than hiring a private driver.

Please do take note of points below~


I have been to Taiwan for many times myself.
 In fact, I'll be flying there over in January next year
 I really have to say that Jiufen is one of the places that I enjoyed myself the most. 
Be it for its food or sceneries. 

Feel free to look at my previous Taiwan posts.
For the one about JiuFen, please click provided at the link below.
Some of the MUST EAT in JiuFen are featured in that post.

I also provided some travel tips before heading to Taiwan.
All available in a click away~

Do not hesitate to ask me any questions. You can email me (address provided on your left)
I often have requests from readers asking me for itineraries. 
You can also feel free to ask from me too! 
You can say that I'm "KIASU" but I actually have my Jan 2018 Taipei Itinerary planned too!
And if you have any questions on the Tripool Tour, please go to 
Round Taiwan Round or Round Taiwan Round Facebook
They are responsive and will reply rather quickly.

Does this sound exciting to you?
Do you have the sudden urge to buy your tickets to Taiwan now?
Don't forget to double your chance of winning when you share it to Facebook and Instagram with
hashtags of 

 Good Luck, everyone!!
Don't wait already. 

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

锅鼎 Restoran Guo Din (Closed)

49, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru
Contact: +60 12-651 4352
For more info:

Very often, Le Hubby, Me and Val will make a trip back to JB to spend some family time with Le Hubby's family. So whenever we are around, we will try to dine out and treat all of us to a little good food. 

So this time round, the "Lims" are dining at 锅鼎 Guo Din Restaurant.

Simple, Spacious and even air-conditioned!

Dry Pot Chicken 干锅鸡
RM74 (L),
RM56 (M),
RM38 (S)
We ordered the Medium size.
The chicken was very flavourful and tasty.
It was a little on the spicy side though but it goes very well with a bowl of white rice!

Need any help or services? Just a button away!

Happy Food makes Happy customer!

Pumpkin Porridge 香甜金瓜粥
RM42 (Suitable for 1 - 2 pax)

It was creamy and sweet. 
A creative way of cooking a porridge! I shall try to make this at home the next time.
Generous portion of ingredients in it too!
Little Val loves it too!

Claypot Herbal Chicken 砂锅药材鸡
RM 45 (Suitable for 1 - 2 pax)

Time to nourish and rejuvenate thyself.
No better time than to start now!

Help yourself with the sauce~ Mix them or have them as it is!
A little like how Haidilao is doing but this is a simplified version.
Still, the idea is there. Well done!

Munching the corn~

A shot with the Chef and Owner of the Restaurant!
We told them how much we enjoyed the food. Very homely and heart-warming.

Overall, I enjoyed their food and service.
Nice customer service and a variety of hot pot to choose from at an affordable price.
Hot pots are especially good for cold rainy weather~
I would rate it a 7/10.

Thanks for reading.
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Thursday, September 07, 2017

K.Cook Korea BBQ (WestGate)

Address: 3 Gateway drive #B1-02 Westgate
Opening hours Mon to Fri 11.30am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 10pm, Sat & Sun 11.30am to 10pm
For more info: +65 6352 6680

Keep the romance alive even after having kids...
Find all means and ways to reconnect with your spouse...
Take a day off from your usual timetable to spend quality time with your partner~
Don't forget to say thanks often. Be grateful for one another.
Do not be afraid to show your affection for each other~
The best thing you can do for your children is to love your spouse.


Our agenda today is to go SHOPPING
EATING of course!

I have been craving for Korean BBQ for almost a month. 
Friends and Families around me kept showing me pictures of their Korea BBQ session!
Makes me craves for me even more!
So today I am determined to settle this craving once and for all!

Quite affordable with BBQ and Hot pot!
The best of both worlds!

We chose the pork and seafood soup.

So thoughtful of them to install a washing area.

Let's go grab our food!

There's a variety of cooked food too!

Lots of marinated meats to choose from!~

Salads and dessert~

Kimchi is a must!~

Ice cream!

Yums, let's tuck in already! RELEASE THE KRAKEN! haha!

An affordable Korea BBQ Buffet with a great variety of cooked food, marinated meats and raw ingredients for steamboat and BBQ. The place is air-conditioned too. Customer service was very prompt and they came to clear my plates rather fast.

I would rate it a 8/10.

Thanks for reading.
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