Friday, July 31, 2015

Baby Valerie (2 to 3 months old)

Baby Valerie (2 to 3 months old)

Confinement lady had left. So, daytime would be just Val and me.
It was pretty tiring. Not that she's difficult to manage. Just that, cos I was still breastfeeding and pumping milk. So, it was like feed her in the morning, den bathe her... den feed again.. den while she's sleeping, I've to quickly wash the clothes. Then, pump milk, wash the bottles, sterilize the bottles. Hang the clothes, take down clothes, fold clothes. And by the time, I wanna have a short nap, Val woke up.

There's quite a lot of housework to do and so I  ordered tingkat lunch, cos I really got no time to cook and do the cleanup after that. 

And when Sam got home, he's tired from work too. So, most of the time, it was still back to myself taking care of Valerie for the 4 months. Really amazing me.....

Good thing was that Val was able to sleep through the night without having to wake for milk. But I have to wake still... to pump milk out....

- Baby smiles more
- Baby's neck is stronger can support her head well (some babies might take longer time, maybe during 3rd month instead. So, still continue to support their neck if needed)

Things you should do and take note:
- More tummy time
- Put 2 or 3 bright objects or toys within baby's field of vision
- Continue to talk and sing to her
- Attend to their cries (some oldies kept having the thinking that if you kept attending to crying babies and carry them, you gonna spoil them) But, in actual fact, newborns they indeed need attention. They want cuddles, warmth. It's ok to carry them and pacify them. You don't want to see them crying their lungs out right?!

- Take note of their hearing. Call their names from some distance. Or check if they react to loud sounds, but of cos don't scare them suddenly.
- Take note if the baby doesn't smile.

Sharing some items below that might be useful for you guys.

Yu Yee Oil - Helps to warm the baby's body and get rid of wind.
In fact, I still use it for myself whenever I have stomachache.

Correct way to use: 1 to 2 drops onto your palm, rub both palms together. Then place both palms on your baby's tummy. Repeat for maybe 3 to 4 times.

Jing Feng San - Stable liver wind and clearance of lung. Calm nervous nervous system and ease tension especially for infants.
Sometimes babies got easily frightened, could be due to sudden loud noise (e.g. irritating planes flying non stop during daytime), could be due to too many people etc. Having this could help to calm a little. They kept crying non-stop.

Correct way to use:
According to the website:
Dosage: Infant 6 months to 1 year old take half  teaspoonful . 1 – 3 years old 1 teaspoonful, 3-6 years old 1-2 teaspoonful. Adults one bottle each time. One day 3 time. The Powder is to be taken with lukewarm water. No known side effect.

However, for myself, I just place a little of it on my last finger and put in her mouth.

Gripe water (Fei Zai Sui) - also helps to get rid of wind.
Some said you could give 1 teaspoon to your baby before the day she goes for her vaccination. Prevent her from getting fever. But hmm, doesn't really work much for Valerie. Haha.
But this also help to get rid of gas, baby less cranky...



Pictures of Valerie and us below.

Smiling to daddy.

sleeping in her rocker during daytime.


think I was still about 70+kg
Slowly losing weight just by breastfeeding and pumping milk out.


pui pui pui....




We bought this musical turning toy to be hanged by the cot.
I find it rather useful, am still using now during nighttime for her to sleep.


small eyes, single eyelids.. hmmmm... really like her dad and grandma...

raising her legs!

Fishball for you?
Minnie mouse during christmas

aiyoyo... unhappy mouse.

aiyo aiyo... too fat liao, can't sit up.

Here comes the santa baby
Looking like a little boy.

no worries, wearing a hairband looks like lil girl liao

Christmas babies... Val and Tim

When mummy gets bored....

dig nose..

Out with Uncle Raymond...
My bro.

Photocopy machine of MIL

Trying to dress her like a baby girl.
So that ppl wont ask me if Val is a boy or girl!


Crown on her pram!
Graco Pram.
Light and easily foldable.
Able to push by the front and back.
Cost less than $300 if I'm not wrong.


So cute right...

Here comes another nephew, Matthias!
After bathing..
She likes to play with water...
Hope it would be easy to introduce her to start swimming when its time.

The best pillow.

Shioks cushion.

Wefie in action.

I always give her tummy time... to train her tummy and neck.
She's a really strong baby and fast learner.

Michelin is back!

Doing squatting exercise to improve her feet posture.

She can basically sleep everywhere.

Uncle Raymond came to help out again.

Long eyelashes....
Must be inherited from me.

First try on Yao lan.
Seems abit scared.
But well, she got used to it now.
Cos she's sleeping in yaolan on weekdays at my Mum's place.

She dislikes wearing headbands and beanies initially.





sticking tongue out...

Tummy time..

those are not ice cream or cream... its her milk spitted out.

Mummy teaching her to sit... waahhah... Kiasu mama.

Yup, my mummy is very kiasu.

But its ok, as long as I have milk will do.



Raymond would drop by once in a while during Friday and stayed over to help me out.


just 2 months plus, and she can hold her neck up...
strong baby!
Yep, I am.

Told ya, my mummy is kiasu.. Haben sit... want me to stand. lol.

Tired Daddy, rocking her to sleep.

Mummy very bad, I'm tearing, but she's still taking photo of me.





Another teary pic.

Val had wrong sleeping hours.. Slept too much in the daytime...
Night time always start sleeping only around 11 or 12.
So, we have to try many ways to make her sleep.
Even till the extend of using the carrier...

Watching tv together.
ok, bad habit.




Valerie tends to sleep late at night, so we both had a hard time at night. Sam and I have to rotate shifts. He will sleep first when he got home from work. Then if by 11pm, Val still doesn't wanna sleep, he will take care. If after an hour or plus, she still doesn't sleep, then I will come out and handle and put her to sleep.

Was really a tiring month, especially at night. She also spitting a lot of milk after drinking. But, slowly we learnt to handle her.


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