an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Sunday, June 30, 2013

25th Birthday 2013 (Part 3 with colleagues)

My 3rd celebration with my colleagues~
We bought some vouchers at Groupon - Kbox buffet + 4hrs of singing = $21.90
The food is really so-so... but can eat and drink free flow + sing at just $21.90... why not?

Its been quite some time since we have gathering again, especially when someone always bangseh~!!!
 photo 309995_10151894064223502_872972913_n_zps0f295530.jpg
Elaine, Fuiting, Me, Sabrina, Belinda & Xinwen(bs queen), Eeling(taking photo for us)

 photo 603598_10151894074603502_1898297853_n_zpsdf0df8eb.jpg
Fuiting & I

 photo 922941_10151894073698502_1936274762_n_zps1ea57682.jpg
Sabrina & Belinda(the lady who always make me fat)

 photo 923251_10151894075563502_529859427_n_zpsb52a99ef.jpg
Elaine lee ... singing emo song?

 photo 923465_10151894069003502_569692924_n_zpsc0981f57.jpg
Xinwen, Eeling, Sabrina

 photo 943725_10151894070658502_976968186_n_zps399c5685.jpg
Fuiting & Xinwen

 photo 946081_10151894075163502_901140992_n_zps00077f17.jpg
We finally met up...!!! When will we meet again???!

 photo abcd038_zps7fb1d47d.jpg
B'day cupcakes from TWELVE CUPCAKES~

 photo abcd035_zps4da928cc.jpg
Happy birthday to me~!

 photo abcd037_zps9439d4d9.jpg

 photo 945803_10151894213758502_1651635905_n_zps732c7042.jpg
Wait ar, i really got many wishes la~

 photo 942976_10151894214623502_1077346122_n_zpsd560d608.jpg

 photo 936742_10151894212693502_134991502_n_zpsb070e36f.jpg
My 3rd bday cake~

 photo abcd042_zps7625e414.jpg

 photo abcd043_zps85fd239b.jpg
Wee wee came just in time when we ended.. lol....
Kbox was giving out some goodie bags, having mineral water, sweets, magazines and vouchers in there...

It was a short catchup session... Everyone have been busy with their personal life now (including me), but i'll still spare time for my friends, just that, please book me in advance!!!

The end of my part 3 bday celebration~

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