an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Friday, June 28, 2013

25th Birthday 2013 (Part 2 with Precious SISTERS)

My part 2 celebration was with my close buddies on 10th may at a Korea BBQ at Marina Square.
This was recommended by Wendy, it's her friends(chef) who opens this? Something like that, forgot the exact details.

Kkongdon Barbeque
#B1-01/02, Marina Link, 6 Raffles Boulevard

 photo pictures1234006_zpsc6093b9a.jpg

 photo pictures1234015_zps6ab2b800.jpg
Free flow of side dishes like kimchi, beansprouts etc only when u order set meals

 photo pictures1234009_zpse4923391.jpg
Clearer pics of the side dishes~

 photo pictures1234016_zps1d0fd870.jpg

 photo pictures1234007_zpsc23feac0.jpg
Its Rayne and Jia Jia... dunno when is she flying though....

 photo pictures1234011_zps4ca43086.jpg

 photo pictures1234014_zpsb58985eb.jpg
We ordered the bbq set meal for 4 pax but the portion is a bit little for us.
A set meal for 2 pax was about 20-30++ if i wasn't wrong.

 photo pictures1234008_zps0d09a752.jpg
Topokki, a free side dish for us.... nice~ i like this

 photo pictures1234018_zpscb240788.jpg
Seafood pancake~
Quite yummy~

 photo pictures1234019_zps1d335a8a.jpg
Steamed egg~!
I like steam egg... in fact i like all sorts of different methods of cooking eggs.

 photo pictures1234020_zpsdbd5a80d.jpg
all the japalang~!

 photo pictures1234017_zps2b67be1c.jpg
Arghhh!! Whose hand is there~!! NoOOoooo.. Don't force me~!!!

 photo pictures1234021_zps27429c18.jpg
Cold noodles~
Saw this online before heading the restaurant, find it pretty cool...
So, MUST order la....
And the funny thing was after this dish was served, we asked the waiter how should we eat this in the correct way? As there were mustard and vinegar?
So, the waiter replied, hmmmm not just eat like that meh?
We were like ok, lol... nvm, let's figure it out ourselves... haha

 photo pictures1234024_zps064cdcec.jpg
Kimchi soup, yummy! nice!

 photo pictures1234023_zpsaec6bc3d.jpg
We still left with some rice, so we decided to make KIMCHI RICE!!! Yummy yummy!

Overall, the food is not bad, but portion wise for the bbq isnt too sufficient for the no. of pax.
Service quite ok.
I would give a rating of 6.5/10 overall.

So, off we go to our next activity! Karaoke 永远ok!
But before that, let's go to the toilet to do some camwhoring first.

 photo pictures1234025_zpscd4ca334.jpg
Who's that bimbo with yellow top, flowery skirt and red heels

 photo pictures1234037_zpsfaa72889.jpg
Hmm, missing someone~~ cos she's a BUSY LADY NOW.....
eh.. wait... i saw a breadtalk lady in the pic.

 photo pictures1234036_zpsb4d6d656.jpg
Chocolate cake in the toilet?

 photo pictures1234032_zps4a20527f.jpg

 photo pictures1234026_zps49c94299.jpg
Time for some SINGING SESSION~!

 photo pictures1234027_zps9ba8b212.jpg
Birthday day from my 姐妹花

 photo pictures1234044_zps064a1b72.jpg
The main lead...~ ME of cos....

 photo pictures1234041_zpsf791fd3a.jpg
Rayne and me

 photo pictures1234039_zpsed93c4f9.jpg
The bReadtalk lady Lijia & mE

 photo pictures1234042_zps0b67ea5a.jpg
Wendy & Me

 photo pictures1234059_zpsb0ce9dbb.jpg
Here comes the busy lady, Sorsan~

 photo pictures1234045_zpsbff84142.jpg

 photo pictures1234049_zps6118cd66.jpg
Sorry, i have really quite a number of wishes to make, so please wait.

 photo pictures1234053_zpsef1a6762.jpg
Happy birthday, sister~ if i'm not wrong.

 photo pictures1234054_zpsa6450bdc.jpg

 photo pictures1234055_zps99d5bd4c.jpg

 photo pictures1234057_zpsdd921579.jpg

 photo pictures1234062_zps0e47934b.jpg

 photo pictures1234031_zps3b0c4681.jpg

The end of part 2 birthday celebration~

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