an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Saturday, January 23, 2016

For my Hubby, Samuel Lim

For my Hubby, Samuel Lim


This blog post is dedicated to my 24/7 Hubby aka Daddy of Valerie.

My Hubby is named Lim Yak Long @ Samuel Lim Yak Long. Why such long name? Eh, forgotten but he finds it very cool. Birthday is on the 24th of January 1978. I was forced to memorise his full name, birthdate, I/C number and HP number. And how was I being forced? For every time he pinched me, I will have to recite out everything before then he would let go. HAHAHA. It would probably be a good training for me if there's any case of emergencies. I can state the details without it being an issue then! But then again.....he seldom answer or reply at  the moment of contacting one lor. So ar, if ever there is an emergency, jia lat~

Anyway, okay... This is supposed to be a "THANK YOU" post.

I know you will be reading this blogpost. A really big Thank You to you.

Firstly, for always sharing all my blogpost, although I know you seldom read them... You only read those which got either you or Val in it. But still, for the effort and support, thanks hubby.

Talking about support, he never fails to give me the support I need, be it for school or work. Whenever I feel lousy about school or work, he's always there being a good listener and adviser. He also encourages me to not give up when things get tough.
Although he turns 38 today, he doesn't look or act his age. HAHA, I meant it in a good way lah of course. He looked younger than he supposed to look and which he will often boast about it ~
He quote "It will help to bring my age down too. -_-"
 Always acting like a big kid. However when it comes to work-related or any matters that requires him to man-up, you will see the 45 years-ols Samuel. Tsk tsk~ 

Many people often told me that men would tend tochange after marriage, if not, they would change after there's a kid in the family. Come on, let's be truthful here, who doesn't change? wahhahhaha... actually both of us changed quite a bit after marriage :) In fact, Sam has been teasing me non-stop about the part that I was supposed to be the one who wakes up every day and make him breakfast like a goody good wife~ but sadly, all these lasted only two weeks! Well, enjoy while it lasted. Lol!
And talking about changes, I think for me, the biggest change would be on the HOUSEHOLD CHORES! I never had to do a single chore on my own back then. So, you see, it was obviously a pretty BIG change on my side.
Thankfully, I have my WONDERFUL HUBBYPOO to lean on!! I do not have to shoulder all the chores on my own. We each share a fair amount of chores. Whenever I'm having to study for ecams, he will see to the chores all by himself. He can even handle Valerie on this own for a whole day. AND I dare to sat that not many MEN out there are able to do half of what he is capable of. 
进得了厨房,出得了厅堂 doesn't apply to females anymore. Hahahahah.
Apart from that, Sam still continue to shower us with unconditioned love. He never fails to give me a peck on the forehead before leaving for work and before going to bed which unless he dozes off first ... haha. Recently, he will have to make more changes. That is he will have to peck on TWO foreheads instead of one...MuHAHhahahah

That's my loving hubby for you guys

Ever since I have given birth, I seldom or rather hardly cook anymore. And we need to wash our clothes almost on a daily basis now. So we decided not to do any heavy frying or cooking so we don't have to end up spending more time and energy to clean the kitchen and most importantly, our clothes that is airing themselves dry in the kitchen, won't reek of oil. On the other hand, my AWESOMEPOSSUM HUBBY changed his role and became the CHEF!! Every weekend, when Valerie is back with us, Sam would be the one doing the cooking. ISN'T HE SO AWESOME ALREADY? He will wake himself up at 7am (on weekends hor!) and wash the bottles, preparing meals for the day, washing and even folding clothes! SERIOUSLY! What more can I ask for? I must have done something right in my previous life to be deserving of this kind of treatment. And of course, after being spoilt for so long, I will tend to take him for granted and thus, become (slightly) lazy. That's will be time Hubbypoo will show his "LE FIERCE HUBBBY" face and I will surrender myself before all hell breaks loose..... Wahhahahahahha

Cooked and prepared by him

Often, I will have all sorts of requests like dining out at some places, watching a particular movie or going for short trips, Sam will always try his utmost best to accommodate me. Even when comes to food, he will offer me his first bite of the food on his plate and will also let me have his last bite.
He gives me the freedom to meet my friends as and when I desire. He have no objections on the way I dress myself or even taking a vacation with some of my closest friends. I, counting my blessings everyday, are not taking all these for granted, obviously~ Now, for me, weekends are always for my family. A.L.W.A.Y.S!
OH! Talk about dressing... As all of you already know and seen. We will always try to have Family Outfits. CUTE HOR! Every time without fail, Sam will ask what will I be wearing and he will try to match my outfit of the day. So nice right?!
The best part is that he is okay with wearing the same outfit out together, not a lot of people I know can accept that...hmmmmmm
Do we quarrel? Of course.. just like any other couple would.
But, we try our best not to bring the issue over to the next day, we will sort it all out tactfully after we have cooled down. And most importantly, we never use profanities on each other. We also apologized to each other after each quarrel no matter whose fault it is. Quarreling will not solve issues, it will only make things worse.

He is someone whom I can always trust.
Someone who loves me so much more than I ever will love myself.
Someone whom I can rely on wholeheartedly.
Someone who will take care of our family.
I am super glad to meet this "Someone" who now became my Hubbypoo.

Thank You very much, Hubby! From the bottom of my heart.
Thanks for always being a loving husband and a very loving Father to our Valerie.
You are always my pillar of support and in return, I promised to be yours too.

Happy 38th Birthday to You!
May your wishes come true.


May we all be blessed with good health and happiness.

Can't wait for our Post HONEYMOON trip to MALDIVES!!


Thanks for reading.

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