Monday, February 16, 2015

Tonkotsu kazan

Tonkotsu Kazan

Address: 10 Sinaran Drive, #02-68/69 Square 2, Spore 307506
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 11am to 10pm
Sat, Sun & PH 10.30am to 10pm

Visited this place a few times while I was pregnant, after my checkups at KKH. Cos hubby always say wanna eat RAMEN. However, he still prefers the one at Jurong point.

My 2nd time having this volcano concept ramen, find it pretty cool.
The portion was really big, and we regretted buying one each for ourselves. Too much la....

 photo 20140721_141142_zps8898c895.jpg

 photo 20140721_141242_zps5c8ac05c.jpg

 photo 20140721_141822_zps0195a6b1.jpg

 photo 20140721_141424_zps48db45e0.jpg

 photo 20140721_141955_zps2cf91228.jpg

 photo 20140721_142117_zps7fc57421.jpg

 photo 20140721_141928_zps3fcdbdec.jpg

 photo 20140721_141922_zps86721cce.jpg

The ramen n ingredients were served into a preheated 300 degree Celsius stone bowl without soup. Then the waiter will pour in about half of the soup, then covered the bowl with the lid for a minute. That's when the volcano erupts! So after a minute, you may continue to add the rest of the soup and mix everything well. Your ramen is now ready!

 photo 20140721_142124_zpsc693d878.jpg

 photo 20140721_142244_zps3e951b02.jpg

 photo 20140721_142254_zpscf8189b6.jpg

 photo 20140721_142300_zpsab527c44.jpg

 photo 20140721_142423_zps7377bfff.jpg
Mine was curry... the portion is really Huge. Hubby felt it was kinda weird combi of curry and ramen.. So he preferred his own signature Kazan ramen.

 photo 20140721_144208_zpsc12c8588.jpg

 photo 20140721_144231_zps86fb1184.jpg

Adding ice into the left-over soup mixture to make delicious soupy rice!

Overall, I would say its worth a try, something different right? Instgram worthy.... haha.
For the portion, it's quite worth the price(only $15 to $18) as you can share it with someone.
Also, Free topup of RICE!!!

Go and check out now!

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