Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wine Connection Cheese Bar

Address: 11 Unity St, #01-05, Robertson Walk, S'pore 237995
Contact: +65 62381279
Opening hours:
Mon to Thurs 11am to 1am
Fri & Sat 11am to 2am
Sun 11am to 11pm

28th Birthday celebration for our last Precious Baby, Rayne!
And it's the launch of Pokémon Go week too. Seems like Everyone is playing! It's pretty crazy but also quite amazing when you see people start to get out of their comfort zones, families playing together, parks all filled with locals~ Haha.

Since Rayne is also one of those Pokémon fanatic~ I have decided to make a quick DIY Birthday card related to Pokémon for her~

Looks quite legit right?

Quite happy with the outcome~


So, the Birthday girl decided on the venue for dinner~

Wine Connection Cheese Bar, for she's a cheese lover lah yah~

Please be reminded that there's the Cheese Bar and Tapas bar yah, both carry different menus~
We are there for their Raclette Cheese which is only available at their Cheese Bar.

I actually made a call a week before having the thought of making a reservation. But the person told me that no reservations are allowed for dinner.
But when I reached there, I saw that a lot of tables were reserved?
Why ar? Why?!

So, I asked the waiter and he said you can make reservation before 7pm. But okay, its already 7pm, and the seats are empty... so? They should give to us! Boo!

We were then given a table after some time, but when we were to about to order the Raclette Cheese, they told us that our seats is not able to have that because we are not seated near a power socket.  We have to wait for at least a half an hour for table to be available so that we can shift to a table which actually is near a power socket to have that. Seriously?! We wanna bang our heads against the wall liao!

Since Lijia and Wendy are not here yet. We decided to order some light platters and salad first while waiting for table for our Raclette and our friends~

Portobello Mushroom with Smoked Duck Salad with balsamic dressing $19

Ala Carte Platter (5 items - $29)

The dish beside the salad was Cheese Fondue and Mushroom ($19)
We thought we were gonna be served with a pot of Cheese Fondue!

It was actually melted raclette cheese on Mushroom Fricassee & crispy Serrano Ham.


Birthday girl...
You wanna smile or?

 Very satisfied with her new Dugaree~

The late comer, Lijia~
Gonna miss her very soon...
She break the news to us at dinner that she's gonna leave us again~ To bahrain for a better job prospect. We will always be with you all the way! <3 br="">

French Raclette $39 per guest.
Didn't expecting all the potatoes, salad and cold cuts that came along with the Cheese~

We shouldn't have ordered the platter and salad before these... Oh my~!!

They are very generous with their food portions!!
And the cheese... we didn;'t think we could be able finish it!

However, it got a little gelat after a while...

Oh, ohhh... It's melting~


You need to eat it while it's hot.
It cooled down and harden up pretty fast~

Moscato to pair with the food~
Some sweet stuff with the savory cheese~

This moscato was very smooth and nice!
Highly recommended!

Let's toast!

You have been saying that you missed New Zealand right?

Just nice, I spotted Pavlova at Cedele! Wahahhah.
It was not bad eh. Much nicer that the one we had at New Zealand though, Whooopps.

Tada~ Birthday gift from me me me!!

Happy Birthday. All we need and want now is to be HAPPY!
Live life to the fullest~


When will be the next time with the 5 of us again?!

3 years apart~ Not much diff... Maybe we all had botox? Wahahah...
Kidding, we are always so young-looking ok!

It was a cheesy night... haha.
However, all in all we find the food was alright. Food portion quite generous.
However, service was a little bad and slow. Maybe coz we are not angmohs~ oops
For more food varieties, you may wanna go to the Tapas bar instead.

Overall, would rate 7/10.

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