Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Coffee Academics

Address: 6 Scotts, Rd, Scotts Square, Spore 228209
Opening hours: 9am to 9pm Daily

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Time for some chill out session... café hopping~

How are you loving my new hairstyle?
Off Shoulders White Top from MDS
Denim Skirt from Zalora~ 

Impromptu meet up with my girls~ along with little Val~
On many occasions I have questioned myself on whether if I am able to cope with Valerie on my own to shop or meet up with my girlfriends. I know you guys have seen numerous videos that I posted online tat Valerie can be quite crazy and playful at home, but as a matter of fact, she is quite withdrawn when comes to meeting new people. It will require her some time to warm up to you so keep trying! HAHA!
Nevertheless, I told myself that if I cannot cope with Val, then who else can right? I am her mother, the one that carried her in my belly for 9 months. And it is just one child, it won't be that hard. Surprisingly, many of my colleagues were amazed that I am able to bring her out on my own. They even felt amazing that I brought her to Jurong Point which is only walking distance from my home. If ever anything were to go wrong, just U-Turn lah. HAHAHA!
Alright, back to the topic
Saw people posted YUMS pics of their pancakes, hence decided to have a try!

Please Wait to be Seated~


The Pancake!


Hey hey, please place my orders too~



Iced Chocolate Cocoa $8
Not a Coffee nor Tea lover, hence I have chose this Chocolate drink instead.
Hmm... Not cold enough and not thick enough too.
A little too diluted~ but does that mean that it's less sinful? Hahahah.

The Tea Academics (Iced) $12
Cos I'm Major in Chemistry, whenever I see chemical apparatus, I get High~
Excited when I see my food in test tubes, beakers, etc~

English Breakfast Tea $9

Burnt Citrus Iced Tea $7
Instagram worthy~ But hmmm... taste like normal Iced Lemon Tea?
It's all gimmick nowadays anyway... Fancy names with the same kind of food.
Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos $21
Tacos with fillet of locally-grown Golden Snapper and Chipotle Mayonnaise topped with fresh Mango Salsa, served with Mixed Seasonal Green Salad and Curly Fries.
The Taco Shell was very crunchy. The combination of the fried fillet and the dressing compliments each other very well. Finger lickin' good y'know!

Jamon Bellota & Arugula Pizza $26
Pizza topped with 36-month aged Cinco Jotas Jamon Bellota, Arugula and Mozzarella.


Mac & Cheese $18
Made with a mixture of Gruyere, Cheddar, Macaroni and topped with Kale Chips.

Not like your everyday Mac & Cheese where it is creamy and saucy. This is a little too dry and not cheesy enough. As for the Kale Chips, maybe a little more crispier would be nicer lah.


Curly Fries $13.50
My friends are crazy over Curly fries.
Quite pricey for this amount of fries, isn't it?

Miso Cod Risotto $28
Grilled Miso Cod is served on a bed of Risotto cooked with Asparagus, Shitake Mushrooms and Beurre Blanc.
Strong flavor of Miso. I like the texture of the Risotto.
Lijia said the Cod fish has got a Fishy smell, but we find it alright.

Here comes of Fluffy PANCAKES!
Academic Pancake Tower $19


Looks so pretty right?!
It's so fluffy and soft! After eating it, I find it a little dense and heavy to be consumed alone as a dessert.
SO~ Share it with your girlfriends lah!
Share desserts = Share FATS! HAHAHHAHA

Academic Cinnamon Churros $16
The Churros were a little doughy and a little oily.
Plus the fact that we were stuffed from all the food beforehand! HAHAHA!


Wa wa...

Mummy, I'm full too~
Bleeding~ Arghhhh....
*No worries, it's just the Raspberry Sorbet

Mummy, Let's play Hide and Seek!





Nanny in action~
Overall, I felt the food, atmosphere, customer service was not bad.
However, its a little on the pricey side. Total bill amounted to about $200.
Rating 7/10
Thanks for reading :)

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