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Maldives 4D3N (17 Mar to 20 Mar 2016)

Maldives 4D3N (17 Mar to 20 Mar 2016)

I booked the tickets for my trip to Maldives during early January with Club Med Maldives for SGD$5,244 including their membership fees of SGD 60 per pax.
This is a fully sponsored trip for Le Hubby from me, obviously~ It was to reward him for all his hard work at home with Valeriepoo and me and also to take him away on a break away from his job.

As of why I have decided to go with Club Med is because it is hassle-free and cheaper than doing it separately. Which means I have to book the flight, book the hotel stay, the activities available in Maldives are not little too and of course the expensive Food there! Okay, you get what I am saying~So now does it seem like I made a wiser choice to go with Club Med instead? Everything are prepared and planned nicely for you! Everything! All activities, food and FREE FLOW OF ALCOHOL! Yes, you heard me. FREE! Well, since this is a trip to pamper ourselves, we deserve the best treatment!JUST EAT, DRINK, PLAY, REPEAT!!!

Actually, you don't have to worry you're missing some of the activities. Snorkeling, Sailing, Aqua Aerobics, Yoga, Cooking Demo, Karaoke etc.... are all included in the package. Though, there are some exclusions also, such as Spa, Massages, Parasailing, Banana Boat which you have to pay as you want to participate. But come on, with so many activities already included, these exclusions are small cases lah.

On top of all these, we are flying Silkair to Maldives and Sinagpore Airlines back. No need for budget at all!!! HOW CAN WE NOT GO WITH CLUB MED LEH! HAHA

Below are our flight details, so you can have a gauge of roughly what time we reached and left.

ARRIVAL:   MALE, MV (IBRAHIM NASIR INTL)                   17 MAR 11:40

DEPARTURE: MALE, MV (IBRAHIM NASIR INTL)                   20 MAR 23:25
ARRIVAL:   SINGAPORE, SG (CHANGI)                          21 MAR 07:15

Just when you thought Club Med wasn't meticulous enough, we received a message from them saying to download their Club Med App from the App Store.
It has their daily schedules for activities, the names of the restaurant that we can dine in, the facilities etc.... The app was so easy to use and most importantly, they have all the information that we required at a the tip of our fingers. BRAVO!!

Next, of course would be deciding what to wear for my trip to Maldives. HEHE! It is very important hor!!

Decided to borrow a few pieces of beach dress from Rayne for this trip. Don't want to waste $$ on something that I might only wear once. Okay, so that does not really sound like me....Le Hubby heard me saying it and even his toes are laughing because he have seen me bought clothes that still have the tags on them till now. FINEEE.... I never deny that lah. So now is a good start what!...

有点小长。。 Pretty pretty, just a little too long... but nvm... just Tie it up lo... 谁叫自己长得矮

Sweet white~

looked a little preggy eh...

Pardon the messy hair and messy clothes behind.

Ok, all packed and ready to GO GO GO!!

Since it was a 10am flight, we have got ample time to wake up slightly early and take the train instead of the usual habit of cabbing there.

Although we know it is just a 4hr journey and knowing that we have our meals provided on board, we still wanna get some breakfast before boarding. HAHA!

LAKSA in the morning! Siao siao poooo!

I had Kaya Toast..

All these are because I nag at him that he always like to hide behind me when taking photos thus making my face bigger! Hmphx! so these photos are him trying to be funny~ Lamer!

Hello, Mister! You have fully covered my face now!

His hair a little Kuku eh...

Non stop wefie...

Up up in the SKY now~


Snacks on board~

Makan Time!!!

Fish with Potatoes (Mine)

Sambal Chicken Bee Hoon (Le Hubby's)
This was good Leh!

Ice cream!

Meanwhile waiting, let's D.O.T.S!
If you don't know what's DOTS?!! You should go bang the wall already~

So pretty!


So cute de leh... still got sticker leh.

There's someone holding the Club Med signage at the arrival hall for us. Then they escorted us to the booth and wait for the rest of the group to arrive.  

Red for English speaking group, also to represent that we are staying at the suite!

Speedboat to our destination!

Free mineral water.

 If I never gauge wrongly, the ride was about 20mins.

 We reached!!! I took plenty of videos on Snapchat... tried to upload it here but the files are too big. So add me on Snapchat in the future to see live updates!!
Add me at FreshApple (doris_candy)

Some of the staffs were waiting at the pier to welcome our arrival! So cordial!

Gotten our access card!

The water is OMG so CLEAR!!!

Free Champagne~


Create your own Cocktail!
Awesome, isn't it!
Getting drunk in the early afternoon! WAHAHahahh!

Different show every night

Our late lunch.

Oh yes, did I mention that you do not have to worry about starving yourselves here. There are plenty of restaurants around here and they all opening at different timings.


My Pork Chop~

His Lamb chop



You have to pay for massage and spa services.

Another restaurant for high tea

Look at all these activities just for one week!

Cute little black bird/chick? 傻傻分不清楚

In the lounge~


Ok, it's time for a SWIM!
Let's go!

Time flies, sun set already

Hey you, come back leh!
Don't worry guys, the water level was not that deep.

Time for DINNER~
Dresscode was white

Buffet Dinner at the beach~

Live Band...


Initially, I thought that was a Roasted Pig.
But it turns out to be a Lamb. Oopsy~



Eat like siaoooooo

 End of Day 1!

Day 2 - Preparing for snorkeling~

My first ever trip where I have been popping pills like mad~ Calm down... these are for my motion sickness or nausea. I came to this trip well-prepared!

My hair have turned greyyyy

A quick breakfast before we head for snorkeling...

Hermit crab


Ok, let's go snorkeling

Did not want to take any pictures in the water. I just want to enjoy the whole process of snorkeling.
The waves was quite choppy, felt like vomiting once we were back onto the speedboat.

I have done snorkeling before in Phuket but this is totally different.

There was so much more species of fishes and corals!
We saw Stingrays, Mini Sharks, Corals etc...

Foam party!

Cocktail station...

Swimming pool

Went into the water after applying sunblock lotion... and so the droplets as shown in above pic...
Looks kinda disgusting... lol

Relax a while before heading for lunch...

Towel folded into heart-shaped... so nice of them :)

You can have Bed and Breakfast too!

Choices for your breakfast.



Pizza and Pesto Pasta

Grilled Chicken... It's buffet but their plating looks so pretty right!

Let's go for a stroll and do some exploring!!

Someone broke my SELFIE STICK!

Hello Uncle, don't show your armpit can?!

ok, let's go for a swim!

Seriously? It's already evening?!
AND WHAT NOW? Time for more food?! Haha

Tonight's dress code was Red and Black.

After dinner, we went back to our Suite to do some (romantic) Star Gazing...
Pardon my lousy camera... The sky was actually filled with stars. Its just that it is not showing in the photo.

Time to pop the champagne!


We lost our red and white band. Got this as replacement, as there's security guards around to check if you have got this bands to show that you are staying at the suite.

End of Day 2. Time for bed! GO!


Day 3

Breakfast delivered to our doorstep!

#OOTD for Day 3
Going Snorkelling again!
There's two sessions per day. One in the morning at 9.30am and another on in the afternoon at 2pm.
All the sessions are always at different area so we don't have to worry about seeing the same things. So meticulous I cannot!

Pretty beach, pretty babe... Whoops... wahahahah

This time round, I vomited pretty bad. Quite a bad sight to look at. HAHA.
Even after eating the pills also totally cannot stop all the vomiting!
The waves were too choppy already... Loser leh me!

And so, we had to go back to our Suite to take a little rest.

Out we go for lunch again~!

Went back to the Suite to take some nice photos.
And also because I was still having headache. :(

We have been in the waters all day... and we are starting to feel this rocking motion like as if we are still in the water even though we are already on land.

I went to research about it, This is known as Mal de debarquement syndrome (MdDS, disembarkment syndrome)
It occurs because the brain, having adjusted to the movement of the ship as normal, now finds the sensations of being on firm land unfamiliar and abnormal. Everything feels too stable, leading to dizziness and uncontrollable lurching feelings. Sufferers tell me that they feel like they are constantly walking on a trampoline, and they have to struggle to keep their balance. In some cases there are also nausea and a continuous rocking sensation. The only way to get relief from these symptoms is to go back on a boat, or travel by car or bus.

Okay, ours didn't feel so serious but it last till when we were back in Singapore.




Took a short nap and woke up to night time! Time flies so much faster when you're on vacation or doing what you like.
Actually there are a lot of activities we did not managed to try. Like Sailing, Movies under the Stars, some Plays at the Theatre, Karaoke... But since we decided this is a relaxing trip, we will just lay back and enjoy the view and our awesome Suite.

And OH! I forgot to mention... EAT!!!

Couple having dinner at the beach sia...
This cost about 300+ USD sia... Mai siao siao hor... People romantic de hor...

 End of Day 3.


Had our Breakfast delivered to us... mainly because we were lazy to walk out to eat lah!
Wanna have our last dip in the ocean before checking out~


Mini Shark.


This is their daily activities in Club Med. They will send us a copy every night without fail.

Their service are really AWESOME!

Time to leave the ROOM~!

Checked out.

Tea break at the lounge~

The place where they show the movie...

There's a Sunday Market!

Let's play Ping PONG!

Afternoon tea... lol

my poor hair

Resting/Waiting area for us or rather for those who are waiting for the speedboat to the airport.

You are given full access to use their computer and even charge your phone.

Restrooms/Bathrooms for us to refresh ourselves.


Le hubby had turned into Charcoal Man.

Club Med, Good Job!

Before we leave.... let's have a quick bite for dinner... wahahhaahahah

Time to goooooo


See the difference..

Woooo... SQ worrrr

I told Le Hubby that I want to sleep a while, so just tell the staffs that I don't want the food.

But then again... seeing the spread on the menu... I changed my mind!!!

AND that's the end of our Maldives Trip~~

Both of us really enjoyed ourselves to the max. The place was super pretty. I think Le Hubby enjoyed the most because I see that he enjoyed swimming with the fishes.
We enjoyed their warm welcome and meticulous services. 4 Days 3 nights for this trip was actually sufficient for us.

I find Maldives quite a kids-friendly environment too. So, Valerie, next time find a boyfriend or a husband then ask him to bring you here okay!!

2 more trips on the way! I CANNOT WAIT!

and super excited for our New Zealand trip in May!

Stay tuned for more!!!

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